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Our love is mutual and we love spoiling each other

We love each other: He spoils me and I spoil him. We fight but we then kiss & make up. No tough love between us as we truly and literally love each other. Who says we can’t pleasure each other? We do of course and yes that does make some of you envious doesn’t it? I hope it doesn’t because Wild Secrets Discount Code helps both of us keep the flames of our love alit. Also, the spirit of our love and sensuality never dies as it’s always rekindled. Get the best Coupon Code of Wild Secrets at Supersavermama

I’ve known Milos for years and I’ve known him for almost my entire life. Since our young adventurous days smoking cigarettes, pot, extreme stunts, getaways and so much more. Our love life has always been adventurous and now we’re glad we are nearing marriage. We both got our own home and we live as we please.

Milos’s job often sends him away for business trips on tropical islands outside of Australia but I never forget him. In fact, he gifted me a scented vibrator and it helped me remember those nights when He and I were together in bed. A ‘Me time’ for a woman is necessary and if other women can enjoy themselves why not me? Of course I can enjoy myself.

This feeling also empowers me to encourage my Milos to enjoy himself and for this purpose I gifted him a fleshlight toy so he can relive our nights together whenever he feels like. Wild Secrets has allowed me to obtain a BDSM kit. Massage sheet, feather teaser, vibrating panties and a lot more. I even purchased a satin camisole with the silhouette slippers. I want to spoil my lovely Milos and once he gets back home I’ll ensure he’s always smiling.

He came back home yesterday morning and he has the week off. He’ll rejoin next week and this gives me the opportunity to help him out. Does he love me or what? He came in home and before he can take his shoes off; I surprised him with me wearing a camisole and the slippers. I spoiled him, I fed him, I massaged him and I loved him. We made love with each other and he did get rough but he’s my gentle loving Milos. I’m grateful to nature for giving me such a lovable man and he’s grateful for having a loving caring dame like me.

Ladies, let him spoil you so you can spoil him and enjoy yourselves. You want to fel happy, boost your libido and pleasure yourselves. Feel good about yourselves to keep your love life going and never put it at an end.

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